Writing a reflective journal in nursing

My classmates and I decided that it would be more effective to Engaging with theory while reflecting For me, this assertion is very difficult to agree with I do not agree with Smith when she argues that

Writing a reflective journal in nursing

writing a reflective journal in nursing

Nursing Standard, 8 39 A guide to teaching and learning methods. The following cues are offered to help practitioners to access, make sense of, and learn through experience.

Description Write a description of the experience What are the key issues within this description that I need to pay attention to? Reflection What was I trying to achieve? Why did I act as I did? What are the consequences of my actions? For the patient and family For myself For people I work with How did I feel about this experience when it was happening?

How did the patient feel about it? How do I know how the patient felt about it? Influencing factors What internal factors influenced my decision-making and actions?

What external factors influenced my decision-making and actions? What sources of knowledge did or should have influenced my decision making and actions?

Alternative strategies Could I have dealt better with the situation? What other choices did I have? What would be the consequences of these other choices? Learning How can I make sense of this experience in light of past experience and future practice?

How do I NOW feel about this experience?

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Have I taken effective action to support myself and others as a result of this experience? How has this experience changed my way of knowing in practice? Using structured experiences in human resource development.Research & writing for assignments. University assignments are a big challenge, but we can guide you.

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