Writing a pioneer journal lesson plan

I Walked to Zion Stories of children who came across the plains as pioneers. Obtain a journal from a pioneer who crossed the west to Utah as a child. Read some of the entries that describe some of the feelings, activities and events of the child while on the trek. Please refer to the bibliography list.

Writing a pioneer journal lesson plan

Related Media What is the longest you have ever lived in one house? One out of five Americans moves every year. We are a transient nation. My father had an uncle who lived and died without ever traveling more than 50 miles from the place where he was born.

In that day and before, generations often would stay in the same small community. Our frequent moving has fragmented the extended family. A few years ago a survey of American undergraduate students revealed that three-fourths of them could not give the first and last names of all four of their grandparents.

There are always reasons--they got a better job offer, they like the area, they want to get away from the crowded city and the crime, they want a better place to raise kids, etc.

writing a pioneer journal lesson plan

Some of those factors are worth considering, of course. But at times it seems that Christians hardly consider the Lord and His purpose. The local church and our ministry in a particular church ought to be important factors when considering any move.

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Of course there are times when God wants us to move. It was not an easy thing for a year-old man to do! There was a famine in Canaan and his son Joseph had promised them the best of Egypt. Jacob desperately wanted to see Joseph, whom for 22 years, he had thought was dead.

But Jacob knew that his grandfather, Abraham, had gotten into trouble in Egypt. God had forbidden his father, Isaac, to go there during another famine So he stopped in Beersheba to seek the Lord and did not move on to Egypt until the Lord gave him a green light.

One of the main reasons Moses included this section was to show how this move out of the Promised Land fit in with the covenant plan of God. This story gives us some factors to consider when we are faced with a move: When considering a move, seek the Lord and His perspective above all else.

Our text falls into three sections: Put a brake on your emotions and seek the Lord.

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Joseph had invited Jacob and the whole family to move to Egypt, where he would provide for them through the famine. So Jacob had his sons load the wagons and the whole extended family set off for Egypt.Tiny clinging jellyfish that pack an agonizing sting are turning up in R.I.

waters amid environmental changes and shifting ecosystems.

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The kind of class journal in this lesson plan is designed to get the students writing freely in a range of different ways. The emphasis is on fluency, as opposed to .

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writing a pioneer journal lesson plan

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