To what extent did the development

Prior tothe Ninth and Tenth Amendments protected the autonomy of each state

To what extent did the development

In to the aftermath of the War ofit is perhaps most accurate to say that the Federalists and the Republicans reflected the divisions that characterized American politics. Each party held a very different vision for the new nation.

However, throughout this period, it could be said that parties contributed to sectional unity, as neither of the major parties of the period drew The nature of political parties changed considerably during this period.

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However, throughout this period, it could be said that parties contributed to sectional unity, as neither of the major parties of the period drew exclusively from the North or South. Shortly after the end of the period in question, however, the cross-sectional alliances that stitched together the major parties showed signs of stress.

The aftermath of the war saw a period of broad consensus that was reflected in the decline of the Federalists. Until the emergence of Andrew Jackson as a national political figure inparty division was virtually nonexistent.

Yet sectional tensions over the expansion of slavery, reflected in the debate over Missouri, were quite potent and dangerous.

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The election ofwhich saw John Quincy Adams chosen president in the House of Representatives, essentially ushered in what historians call the "second party system. During the late s into the 30s, the parties reflected a fundamental disagreement over the role of government in economic expansion as well as a host of other issues.

Bythey won the White House with William Henry Harrison though he quickly died and was replaced by John Tyler, whose actions were decidedly anti-Whig. By this point, sectional tensions began to pull at the parties even as they coalesced into something like the disciplined organizations they are today.The Colonial Period AP Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society (to ) in TWO of the following regions: • New England AP To what extent did the natural environment shape the development of the West beyond the Mississippi.

Technology greatly affected the way in which wars were fought, especially in World War I. The inventions of the repeating machine gun, the development of poison gas, and the introduction of the first tanks caused armies to fight using the bunkering method.

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The millennium development goals have targeted eight key areas – poverty, education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, disease, the environment and global goal.

To what extent did the development

At the present time, eminent breeders try by methodical selection, with a distinct object in view, to make a new strain or sub-breed, superior to anything of the kind in the country.

Some of the nation’s leading journalists gathered in Key West, Fla., in May for the Pew Forum’s biannual Faith Angle Conference on religion, politics and public life.. Ever since then-Sen. Barack Obama spoke of his admiration for Reinhold Niebuhr in a interview with New York Times columnist David Brooks, there has been speculation about the extent to which the 20th-century.

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