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Read now Week two Around the beginning of the second week, the scabs will start to flake off.

Tips for instructions to find a

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Illustrating the correct amount of grease Carburetor information 2-cycle tiller In accordance with current EPA Regulations and CARB requirements, limiter caps have been installed on the high and low screws of the carburetor.

Removal of these caps by anyone other than an authorized Mantis dealer will void your warranty. Please contact us directly. To order parts, you will need the SV of the engine.

Cylinder exhaust port and cooling system information 2-cycle tiller All cooling fins must be kept clear in order for the engine to operate efficiently. Muffler screen and spark arrestor information 2-cycle tiller The Muffler Screen is also known as the Spark Arrestor.

It is a small screen layered within the muffler system in accordance with current EPA requirements. This screen is in place to catch all burned off carbon deposits.

By virtue of the parts function, it can get clogged with the same carbon deposits it is created to catch. Once clogged, the screen must be cleaned or replaced for efficient operation of the engine. Do not clean Spark Arrestor with anything flammable! If your engine bogs down under a full load, your muffler screen spark arrestor may be clogged and not allowing the engine to breathe properly.

Additionally, if you find the starter rope hard to pull, it could be because the muffler screen spark arrestor is clogged. Here are some basic instructions: Lift engine off of the transmission by loosening the brass colored screw located at the base of the clutch case.

Remove the red cylinder cover. Remove the muffler cap.

Tips for instructions to find a

The muffler screen spark arrestor will be layered beneath the muffler cap Clean or replace the muffler screen spark arrestor with carburetor cleaner, using a soft brushNote: If the screen remains plugged after attempts at cleaning it, it must be replaced Reassemble the muffler, the cylinder cover, and replace the engine onto the transmission Transporting and storing Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller Why should I walk backwards when using the Mantis Tiller?

Because of the design of the blades tines and the light weight of the machine, the tiller digs into the soil by using resistance.

The Mantis tiller is designed to be used in a fashion very similar to running a vacuum cleaner. Its not necessary to continuously walk backward, many users find it comfortable to stand in one spot, allow the tiller to walk forward and then slowly pull it backwards, allowing it to dig into the soil.

November 2018

Then go forward at a different angle and pull it back again. If you prefer, it will also work to walk slowly backward the length of your garden. By tilling this way, you dont have to walk through your freshly tilled soil.

Should I replace the air filter on my Mantis Gas Tiller? Clean air filters will assist in ensuring optimum performance for your Mantis Gas Tiller. The filters do not clean very well and once dirt infiltrates the fibers of the air filter, the possibility of your engine seizing from dirt ingestion increases.

Our air filters are available in a package of six Part Number M If your tines are broken, please contact our customer service department to obtain a replacement.

Or call us toll-free at 1. How do I maintain my tines? After each use, remove and clean the tines. Then spray both the tines and the tine shaft with WD or some other light lubricant to protect them from rust.

How often should I replace my fuel filter? Your fuel filter should be replaced every 3 months or hours of use. Can I use any lithium grease in my transmission? No, you cannot; you must use lithium 0 weight grease, double-zero weight is too free-flowing and may not lubricate the gears properly.

There may be some dirt or debris in your pawl catcher assemply causing them to stick. Remove the 4 screws on the starter assembly and lift it off the tiller.

Looking down on the tiller, on top of the flywheel, you will see a gold-colored dish with 2 black levers inside. The levers are called pawl catchers.Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Office Word This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply an easy to use reference guide, for any type of user.

About These Instructions. We have designed the instructions to make it as simple and clear as possible to file your tax return. We did this by arranging the instructions for Form EZ preparation in the most helpful order.

Before filling out the FAFSA form, get an FSA ID, understand dependency status and the parent's role, gather documents, and learn how to fill out the form. View the “FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents" video for tips about helping your .

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Tips for instructions to find a
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