Short essay about computer games

Companies that develop video games earn billions of dollars and constantly invest in research aimed to make virtual reality look like reality.

Short essay about computer games

By Team Work Computer What is a computer? A computer is an electronic device that receives and processes information to produce the desired results. A computer can perform a large number of tasks by carrying out complex arithmetical, logical or other set of instructions called programs.

It plays an important role in our life.

Short essay about computer games

Our life has become centered around computers and computerized systems. Various Parts of a Computer: The various parts of a computer includes a system unit, monitor, keyboard, electronic-mouse, printer, speakers, CD drive, etc.

The CPU processes the information. RAM stores the temporary information while the system is on. It removes the data as soon as the system is switched off. The Mother Board connects and allows communication between various units of the computer. The screen of the displays the information.

Letters and numbers are keyed into the computer system through the keyboard. It points the cursor and is used in selecting an icon on the screen.

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The other components of a computer system includes speakers, modem, printers, etc. Advantages Computers can quickly process huge amount of data. Computers can complete various tasks effectively than most human-beings.

It has automated complex tasks that were once considered boring and tedious for humans. Hence, Computer has greatly increased our efficiency to do various tasks.

Stores data in digital format: Computers can store millions of pages of information in digital format. We can store huge information. The present day hard-disks can store s of Gigabytes GB of information. Large businesses store their marketing and sales data in their computer systems.

When it comes to games, the choices are almost unlimited. Businesses are increasingly using spreadsheets and other software as a tool for performing mathematical calculations. Prepare and store official documents: You can use a word processing software to prepare, edit and save any text document.

The concept of paperless offices is finally taking its shape. People use internet for various purposes. Students can use internet to download study materials. A research analyst can do market research over internet. A marketing person can gather relevant data across various geographical boundaries.

A prospective customer can find a service provider over internet. Computer can also be used as an entertainment device. We can play various multimedia applications such as music, video, etc.Some people claim that there is no benefit from games and sports at all especially for adults.

But in actual fact, sports and games have many benefits for children and also for adults. Games and Violence Essay. Introduction: Computer games have seriously caught the attention of Mass Media and nowadays every channel considers its duty to remind people how much damage these games cause to children and adults.

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'video games' essay Others, however, believe that video games are having an adverse effect on the people who play them. In your opinion, do the drawbacks of video games . Indoor and outdoor games essay There are a lot of activities to enjoy around us.

We are able to divide two type of activities such as indoor activities. Games should be regarded as games, which must be playing sparingly. Moreover, the parents have to understand that instead of forbidding such video games, they must provide enough alternative, such as travelling, time outside, family board games, movies, reading, arts and sports.

Argumentative Essay: Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence - Our nation has changed over the years. But are video games teaching our children to kill.

Jerkin would argue no because computer games are a popular art, an emerging art, a largely unrecognized art, but art plombier-nemours.comless, critics still continue to target.

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