Sacco and vanzetti essay questions

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Sacco and vanzetti essay questions

In the 's, everyone's question was, are Sacco and Vanzetti murderers? But for today's world, everyone's question is, who Sacco and Vanzetti? On Thursday, April 15,it was pay day for the Three-K shoe factory.

Every Thursday, a 9: Shelly Neal, the local American Express Company agent in Braintree, collected the payroll money and headed back to the office, she noticed a dark blue-touring car but couldn't see into the car to see who it was.

Frederick Parmenter just lefted the office with the payroll money was a paymaster and just was about to distribute money to the workers, well they intended to anyways. That was until shots ran out.

Sacco and vanzetti essay questions

First the guard Alessandro was shot, and then they took Alessandro Berardelli's gun, which was. Next, of course, was Parmenter, and Sacco and vanzetti essay questions took the money and ran off to their blue touring car where they suddenly went off and disappeared.

Sacco and vanzetti essay questions

Two days after the crime, a dark blue Buick was found in the woods in West Bridgewater, with its license plates gone. They determine that the car was involved in the Braintree murder. On the day of the Braintree crime, they noticed an employee of the shoe factory was set for deportation to Italy.

He had quit his job as well, and did not show up for his deportation and claimed he needed time since his wife was sick. When a police officer investigated they found that his wife was not ill in the first place. Also when agents suggested that Coacci leave some money behind for his wife and children; Coacci replied that they didn't need any.

He had finally left on April In the investigation, they went through to see who could have been involved, and most likely was a "Italian", since everyone believe the Italians were such bad people back then.

At the time, Italian anarchists ranked at the top of the government's list of dangerous enemies, and had been identified as suspects in several violent bombings and assassination attempts [even an attempted mass poisoning] The questions busted lose on whether this man Coacci might have been involved in the murders.

Bridgewater Police decided to return to Coacci's so called home to see what was what. When he arrived, a man named Mike Boda landlord greeted Stewart, and allowed him to look through the house and the rear shed.

Boda explained that he kept his car, an Overland, in the shed, but that it was currently being repaired at the Elm Street Garage.

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Stewart also noticed tire imprints and were about right size for a Buick too large for a Overland. Then three days later, Stewart had came back to look for Boda again, but only found that he had ran off and as well with all his house furnishings.

So he told the garage owner that if anyone were to try to pick up the Overland, he should call the police immediately.

On May 5, a little after nine o'clock, a man knocked on the door of Johnson's home. Ruth Johnson, Simon's twenty-one-year-old wife, answered the door. The man said he was Mike Boda and that he'd come to pick up his auto.

Remembering Stewart's instructions, Ruth called the police.

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When Ruth left, she was caught in the headlight beam of a motorcycle parked outside the Johnson home. Ruth noticed two men, talking in what she thought was Italian of course. He told him that he would take him to the garage as soon as his wife returned with the milk she had gone to borrow from their neighbors.

Then, as Ruth Johnson walked back to her house, he suddenly took off, climbing into the sidecar of the motorcycle. Two other men, started walking away in the direction of the streetcar line--and at 9:Sacco and Vanzetti were victims of the short-lived Red Scare, which was the United States' fear of the growing power of Communists, or Reds.

When a factory paymaster was robbed and murdered along with his guard, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were arrested after witnesses described the murderers as being Italian. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti Essay - On August 23, , Nicola Sacco and Barolomeo Vanzetti were executed in one of the most controversial legal cases in American history.

Two men were shot and robbed in Braintree, MA, and two poor Italian immigrants were arrested for the crime. SACCO AND VANZETTI Essays: Over , SACCO AND VANZETTI Essays, SACCO AND VANZETTI Term Papers, SACCO AND VANZETTI Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Sacco and Vanzetti Essay The Sacco-Vanzetti affair is the most famous and controversial case in American legal history.

In our history, justice has not always resulted in fairness, but instead in the denial of the rights of ordinary citizens. Questions about their trial for the murders of a paymaster and his guard bitterly spread.

Nov 29,  · View and download sacco and vanzetti essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for . The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti. In , Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, both Italian-Americans, were convicted of robbery and murder.

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