Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth

He thinks they are old enough to take on this responsibility, but after they have several children they both bemoan the dissolution of their youth and the dreams that came along with it. However, history ends up repeating itself. Expert Answers schulzie Certified Educator Dudong,17, is impatiently waiting for his father to return home so that he can tell him of his love for Teang and his desire to marry her. He feels that at 17 he is a grown man and is ready for the next important step in his life.

Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth

Reflection: Footnote to Youth - The Pitzviews

Reflection Footnote to Youth: What we give to life, it turns everything back to us. The story wherein Dodong married at early age is not that good considering the life of the family with parents who cannot understand enough what life can bring. We have seen lots of the same experiences in this current generation.

What we cna do as a youth is to be more aware enough of our little step. YES, we have the power over life however, everything must be seen in a critical mode.

Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth

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What would you tell them about this topic? What is the whole story of Footnote to Youth? Thinking that since they are young, their love would be short, he allowed them to get married. After nine months, Teang gave birth to a child named Blas. For six consecutive years, a new child came along.

Teang did not complain even thought she secretly regretted being married at an early age. Sometimes she even wondered if she would have the same life if Lucio, her other suitor who was nine years older than Dodong, was the one she married.

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Lucio has had no children since the time he married. When Teang and Dodong were twenty they looked like they were fifty. When Blas was 18, he told his father that he would marry Tona. A footnote is used to indicate a source.

It is also used toemphasize something. It is entitled footnote to youth since thestory emphasizes a message that youth nowadays must knownot tomarry early. Do you have a summary of Footnote to Youth?

Footnote to Youth dodong as a son? A story about a young boy who marry at the ages of 17; it was dodong. Dodong works in the parm with his father and help his mother at home.The title being Footnote to Youth immediately suggests that the whole of the story may be the actual footnote.

What most readers often miss or take for granted (the footnote) becomes the main object. Footnotes also often suggest additional readings, references, and suggest that the word or phrase is of vital importance as compared to the rest. - Footnote to Youth talks about the youth as of today.

It was written by Jose Garcia Villa in It is the basic story of marrying very young and questioning the wisdom of making life choices at a young age that must be lived with.

Reflection To The Readers Of The Story Footnote To Youth SHORT STORY ANALYSIS Footnote to Youth 1. Explain the title. In what way is it suitable to the story? A footnote is an added information in a printed page. This time, the author wants to tell the readers using a story the Triumph of Youth and Love and then Life.

Life did not fulfill all of Youth’s dreams. Critical Analysis for Footnote to Youth Essay Sample Many parents today are not in favor of early marriage, this is because they know that married life is difficult. It’s true that most of the teenagers today who got married are experiencing hardships in life.

Footnote to Youth has 55 ratings and 4 reviews. Bianca said: A very wonderful story that everyone must story tells about the current issue of /5. Footnote to youth talks about the youth as of today.. It also embarks upon on how the characters will converse to one another and how they act in accordance on how they stick to their main in this story it comes to pass/5(4).

Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa, analysis and reaction.