Raft writing assignments for science

Contact Author Importance of Writing in the Science Classroom Mastery of scientific concepts is inextricably linked with effective communication. Novel experiments and new discoveries made by scientists reach the wider community and gain greater visibility through written documents in the scientific journals. Good science writing skills include usage of appropriate scientific terminology, demonstration of clarity of thought and expression, logical reasoning, ability to describe the results of experimental findings qualitatively and quantitatively, formulation of ideas and drawing of conclusions supported by sufficient data and evidence. The writing needs to be in an objective, precise and logical manner.

Raft writing assignments for science

Woodbury To download an abridged copy of this article as it appeared in magazine or to download an unabridged copy of this memoir, go to this download page. The download page also has scanned copies of two books on the old Great Northern Paper Company.

One is the condensation of John E. The other is Paul K. The Fall of Maine's Paper Giant McCann picks up the story in the s and s. My own memoir, below or as a downloadpicks it up when I joined the company in the late s and takes it through the end of the s.

Its 4, workers offered living proof that capitalism works and that both the employer and its people need merely to be left alone and they will indeed get it right.

raft writing assignments for science

The peak of progress and production. Busy sales offices took orders in Boston, New York, and as far west as Chicago, and three-martini lunches were common; I once attended one.

The annual sales meeting was held in such places as Pinehurst, North Carolina and Woodstock, Vermont, and no expense was spared to make them lavish. With world-class golf tournaments and celebrity guest speakers, the affairs probably rivaled the annual sales meetings of Chrysler or GE.

By the end of that same decade, computer terminals were sprouting throughout the cavernous mill, and yet the place was alive with clanging metal and hissing steam redolent of hot lignin, workers bustling to keep up with production or occasionally relaxing deservedly.

The constant noise had given rise to communication that was a combination of sign language, flashlight signals, and hieroglyphs on log sheets. But the times were very, very good and optimism was high. The foremen filled their trays with steamed clams and lobsters — no one was restricted to just one or two — or they feasted on slabs of steak and chicken breasts.

WritingFix: Writing Across the CurriculumRAFT Writing Assignments

Blue after-dinner cigar smoke skewed the smiles of the locals as they bragged to the visiting salesmen about the fishing at Soddy Hunk or the new Polaris that the kids wrecked or the tournament that Stearns almost won again that year. The foremen and managers played half-serious softball, sales versus manufacturing.

Until Peter Moir, a naturally-gifted local athlete, joined the company to help the mill team, sales had been on top in these contests. Telephone directories up and down the east coast were printed predominately on GNP paper, and directory paper from Millinocket was preferred in Indonesia, Australia, and Latin America.

GNP research helped Moore Business Forms develop the first carbonless multi-form paper, and Moore bought out the production of one or two paper machines a year.

Millinocket was believed to have, if it did not have in truth, the highest per capita income of any town in the state. Beth, now my partner of 30 years, was also a UMO graduate, and we had married while we were both still in college.

I had no intention of using my degree to become a game warden or state biologist — only the girls in my graduating class were getting those jobs.

But it suited me to settle in the most splendid wilderness east of the Mississippi and slip comfortably into a manufacturing career. That was especially odd since, on a visit to the Rumford mill nine years earlier, during my junior year at Farmington High School, I recall remarking: I was no particular threat to the locals anyway, because the tradition still held true that any kid could graduate Stearns High School one day and go sign on at the mill the next.

A future of union-protected, lifelong, lucrative employment was an unquestioned certainty. Nevertheless, even though I was near the bottom of the pecking order, throughout that summer I had a hour week every week but no overtime.

Back in the early s Great Northern Paper had invented the stone grinders of the sort that I was feeding pulpwood to that summer.

Common Writing Practices in the Science Classrooms

Thirty of these massive grindstones, six feet in diameter and close to ten feet long, with their molded-Carborundum segments, operated simultaneously on six grinder lines. The grinder lines were driven by water flowing underneath the floor in ten-foot-diameter penstocks, underground pipes that funneled the water from Ferguson Pond at the top of the ridge in its foot drop to the grinder room at the edge of Millinocket Stream.

The mill in Millinocket was built on this site precisely to take advantage of the water power generated by that steep drop. But all that was accomplished between andand had been so well designed and built that it still generates power today, although the grinders have long since been scrapped.

In order to turn 30 grindstones, the harnessed water drove six water wheels which could be used either to generate electrical power, when a grinder line was out of service, for maintenance for example, or could serve as electric motors to assist the grinding process when the pressure to produce pulp exceeded the ability of hydropower alone to drive the grinders.

At times this power, along with that generated in several boilers at the two mills, was more than enough to make paper, and so power was sold into the public power grid. At other times the company purchased power from the public grid."Good examples for RAFT writing activities using fairly common stories that students will most likely know.

RAFTS are good for differentiating product for interest. "Writing Across the Curriculum: R.A.F.T. Prompts for Science Class building a writing prompt that challenges students to think deeply about science" See more.

raft example! This RAFT is designed to be used by student in a second grade class as they are learning about endangered and extinct animals in science and natural resources in.

Notebooking is creating and compiling a personalized notebook of learning experiences, new knowledge, insights, sketches, illustrations, creative writing, reflections, and more.

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WritingFix: Writing Across the CurriculumRAFT Writing Assignments

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