Mexico non life insurance market trends

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Mexico non life insurance market trends

Major trends in global oil market to Certain information in this report constitutes forward looking statements. All information other than information of historical fact is forward looking information. Although oil is used in a vast number of industries, its key source of demand is still the transportation sector.

In the midst of electric vehicles gaining popularity, experts are trying to determine whether oil will maintain its position as the most widely used source of energy in the foreseeable future. Global economic growth The global economic growth will slow gradually.

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Global vehicle fleet By China will become world's number one in terms of passenger car fleet. By the global road vehicle fleet will increase by 1. Conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines will still dominate the global car feet despite a higher share of electric-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles will help to improve the fuel efficiency of the global car feet and will constrain the growth of fuel prices. Climate change policy impact on the development of global energy The Paris Agreement sets ambitious goals for the global community, and the world will therefore face significant issues implementing it.

The rise of renewables will not significantly affect the global oil demand, since oil accounts for a minor share of the power generation fuel mix. World demand for liquid hydrocarbons by sector The rise in oil demand will happen in all sectors except power generation.

The industrial sector is second in oil consumption after the transportation sector, and petrochemicals account for about a half of it.

Geothermal Power and Heat

Given the assumptions we made concerning the GDP growth, one should anticipate this trend will continue in the future. Global oil supply The oil industry is now facing a challenge not only to meet the increasingly high demand, but to also make up for the natural production decline at mature fields by developing new reserves.

Even if the global demand stops growing, additional investments will be required to offset the production decline. In the search of equilibrium The global oil market is very complex and exposed to multiple factors that are hard to predict which is why analysts often fail at predicting oil prices.

The most critical factors include investment cycles, geopolitical conflicts and the situation on global financial markets. The competition in the EU market will be tighter, thus leading to an adverse impact on the profitability of European oil refining.

In addition to improving the ORF at existing fields, Russia has a vast potential in terms of development of hard-to-recover and unconventional oil reserves.

The tax system parameters are constantly changing, which adversely affects the investment climate in the industry. If retained, the existing taxation system will cause the domestic oil production to decline starting in As a result of deterioration of macroeconomic conditions in Russia the prospects of the Russian car market have to be reviewed.

Mexico non life insurance market trends

As the Russian economy recovers, motor fuel consumption will rise again. Despite the companies' revision of their plans to commission new refining capacities in Russia, the surplus of light petroleum products is expected to grow.With, Understand Your Industry Sector Quickly Thanks To Reports Brands: Market Research Firms, Business Organizations, Government Institutions.

LUKOIL overview. LUKOIL is one of the largest oil & gas vertical integrated companies in the world accounting for over 2% of crude production and circa 1% of proved hydrocarbon reserves globally.

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$1, | Timetric’s 'Non-Life Insurance in Mexico, Key Trends and Opportunities to ' report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Mexican non-life insurance segment, including: • The Mexican non-life insurance segment’s detailed outlook by product category • A comprehensive overview of the Mexican .

Mexico non life insurance market trends
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