Listening essay example

First, rather than discussing the main arguments supporting the idea in principle, Smith attacks the most extreme scenarios imaginable, and presents unethical and completely unconscionable applications of assisted suicide to which even its staunchest proponents object as strongly as do those opposed to it. According to Markman, when active listening does succeed, it is simply because it often works as a method of "help[ing] couples disrupt the negative patterns that predict divorce. In light of the fact that the initial assumption of the value of active listening in marital therapy, in the first place, was based on flawed reasoning, it hardly supports any specific logical conclusion deriving from the failure of that particular hypothesis.

Listening essay example

Active listening Active listening is a communication technique used in counselling, training and conflict resolution, which requires the listener to feed back what they hear to the speaker, by way of re-stating or paraphrasing what they have heard in their own words, to confirm what they have heard and moreover, to confirm the understanding of both parties.

They might also be distracted. Agreeing to disagree is common ground. Common ground can be false, i. Nevertheless it is common ground, once accepted as understood. Dialogue, understanding and progress can only arise from that common ground.

And that common ground cannot Listening essay example established without respect for the words as spoken by the speaker, for whatever reason. Thus the essence of active listening is as simple as it is effective: There is little room for assumption or interpretation.

It is functional, mechanical and leaves little doubt as to what is meant by what is said. This is the first step in the listening process. The first challenge for the listener is accurately identifying speech sounds and understanding and synthesizing these sounds as words.

We are constantly bombarded with auditory stimuli, so the listener has to select which of those stimuli are speech sounds and choose to pay attention to the appropriate sounds attending. The second challenge is being able to discern breaks between discernible words, or speech segmentation.

This becomes significantly more difficult with an unfamiliar language because the speech sounds blend together into a continuous jumble. Determining the context and meanings of each word is essential to comprehending a sentence.

Listening essay example

This is the second step in the listening process. Memory is essential to the listening process because the information we retain when involved in the listening process is how we create meaning from words.

Because everyone has different memories, the speaker and the listener may attach different meanings to the same statement. The first is cramming. When you cram there is a lot of information entered into your short term memory. Alternatively, when you receive the information you may not attach importance to it, so it loses its meaning.

A fourth reason is at the time the information was received you lacked motivation to listen carefully to better remember it.What makes Listening more Complicated Listening, like communication is a learned behavior, so we can learn to overcome the obstacles that interfere with our listening effectiveness/5(10).

Jul 27,  · I have a burning question in mind about examples. Would it be alright to use ither languages in an essay.

For example,in an essay about using English as the only language, I pointed out that language often go side by side with culture.

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One friend listening to another describing their family tragedy would be an example of empathetic listening. Listening can be a far more complex action than one may think.

Nonverbal communication is closely tied with listening and effective use of nonverbal communication is necessary to be a . Listening skills, like speaking skills, are very important in the working world. Not only will good listening skills put you at an advantage when it comes to following instructions, but if you are listening attentively, you will create a favorable impression with your supervisor/5(11).

The Perception of Listening Essay examples Words | 6 Pages. What is Listening and why is it important? This paper will address the viewpoint of listening skills and its outcome. Listening is an essential tool, which is one of the constructive aspects in the communication process, for communicating with other people.

Listening is giving one's attention to sound, for example speech, music or natural sounds. Listening involves complex affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes. Effective processes include the motivation to attend to others; cognitive processes include attending to, understanding, receiving, and interpreting content and relational messages; and behavioral processes include responding with.

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