How family influence on children

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How family influence on children

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It is during this time that children are dependent upon adults to meet their needs that their concept of the importance of family develops. The purpose of the study was to determine the extent of awareness of family influences on the well-being of a child.

The survey instrument used in this study requested demographic data in addition to the responses to the five Likert-type survey questions. Based on the information gathered from the review of literature and the survey instrument, it is concluded that family life affects the cognitive development of a child.

Within the society, parents identify certain values that are important for the development of their children Goldsmith, The Family Pediatrics Report explained that the development of children is significantly influenced by interpersonal relationships within the family. Children who are raised by 2 parents, who are both responsible and dedicated, usually perform well in school family structure section, para1.

Affection and protection are evidently crucial for the health of a How family influence on children.

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Thus children need to receive love and protection for their healthy emotional development. Critical to emotional needs of children is the nature of family structure. Losing one person in a group of two destroys the relationship.

Structure, therefore, creates a greater need for maintenance of the relationship through the expression of affection.

The denial of negative feelings may restrict problem solving efforts Phelan, According to The Family Pediatrics Reportthe risks for emotional, behavioral, and educational problems are lower among children in 2-parent households on average.

The apparent advantage of the 2-parent household structure is that it facilitates effective parenting behaviors, but it does not guarantee success. A stable, well-functioning family is potentially the most secure, supportive, and nurturing environment in which children may be raised family structure section, para.

The Function of the Family The organization of the family has direct effect on the children. The first social relationship of children is familial, where children acquire their first experiences of being treated as persons in their own right.

Children receive care for their dependency and attention for their sociability. The kind of care and attention children receive during their early years of life affect their handling of important issues, such as trust vs. This ability equips children for establishing later ties with people outside the family.

Newborns are unaware that they are separate and distinct persons. However, as time goes by they become aware that they are separate from their mothers and that there are other members of the household. Children learn that others have interests, wishes, and ways of their own.

Children growing up in a household shared with other siblings learn that they have to share the resources of the household. Children learn the ways in which their cooperation is sought and welcomed and the ways in which they may compete for what they want Elkin and Handel, According to The Family Pediatrics Reportwhen the family environment enables their needs to be met, children generally turn out well, both socially and psychologically, and their parents are satisfied with their lives and marriages.

In a family, children also receive support, come to feel loved, valued, and competent. Children are provided with companionship and learn to believe in a shared set of values. Families, especially parents, play a fundamental role in forming the values of children.Parental Influence on the Emotional Development of Children.

by Bethel Moges and Kristi Weber. When most people think of parenting, they picture changing diapers, messy feeding times, and chasing a screaming child through a crowded grocery store. Family and peers influence more when we interact with them more often. We turn to adapt some of their ways of doing things and we also compare and differentiate the our ways of behaving with them which gives us initial ideas of conforming or .

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How family influence on children

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