An analysis of the child they stole from the sand three hundred year ago in africas land

Here it is possible to believe eternity. In this sacred place the natural world convinces people that mythological events still hold sway over the destinies of mortal men and women. In "Canyon de Chelly" little Raho puts a stone in his mouth, and his father thinks: Announcing that "Today the Katzina come," the pueblo village crier celebrates the renewal of creative energies in the central dance plaza.

An analysis of the child they stole from the sand three hundred year ago in africas land

His poetry has Celtic flavor mixed with mysticism and melancholy. His aim in writing poetry was to make the world conscious about the beauties of Celtic literature. As he grew older, he deviated from pleasant lyrics to verses with sterner discipline and deeper thought.

Stolen Child by W. B Yeats was included in the volume of poems named Crossways which was published in the year It was written in and published in William Butler Yeats was 21 when he composed this poem. The poem celebrates the stories of Ireland which his mother loved.

It revolves around a group of fairies who lure a child away from his home to a fairy world. The leafy island lies where the rocky high land of Sleuth Wood touches the water of the lake. Sleepy rats are being awakened by herons with the noise of their wings flapping. The fairies hid their fairy pots which are full of stolen berries and red cherries.

The fairies call the human child to come to the waters of the lake and wild rock.

An analysis of the child they stole from the sand three hundred year ago in africas land

The fairies asks the child to walk hand in hand with them towards their fairy island because the world in which the child lives is more full of miseries and sorrows than he can understand. The fairies talk about a place that is far away from the distant Roses, where the stream of moonlight falls on the grey sands and brighten them, where the fairies walk all night and dance, join hands together and cast glances at one another till the moon has reached heaven.

The fairies tells us that they jump here and there, chase bubbles at night while the world full of troubles sleeps and is full of anxieties even when they are sleeping. The fairies call the child to come to the fairy island because the child lives in such a world which is fuller of miseries and tears than he can comprehend.

The third stanza of The Stolen Child describes the place where the fairies look for sleepy fish and give them disturbing dreams by whispering in their ears. They say that place lies where the water flows from hills above Glen-Car and causes out in pools among tall grass.

The fairies bend over the herbs which stand against the dewdrops near the streams. The fairies call upon the human child to their fairy land because the world in which the human child lives is fuller of miseries than the child can think of.

In the final stanza of The Stolen Child, the child is going to the island with the fairies. The child looks serious. The fairies say that the child will no longer hear the sound of the calves on the hill side or the sound of the kettle over the fire that gives him warmth.

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The child will no longer see the brown mice jumping around the boxes containing oat-meals. He will miss the sights and sounds of the world, because he is now coming to the leafy island to live with the fairies in order to escape from a world full of miseries and sorrows than the child can comprehend.

The poem, The Stolen Child, is composed of four stanzas. Nature and the land of fairies present images of freedom throughout the first three stanzas.

An analysis of the child they stole from the sand three hundred year ago in africas land

The first three stanzas of the poem The Stolen Child has Celtic references that makes the reader realize that W. B Yeats wants to return to more innocent and less politicized world of the past.

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Celtic legend often offers a myth about fairies stealing a child and replacing it with a changeling. Yeats uses this myth in his poem, The Stolen Child.

He uses this myth to show his desire to return of innocence to the society. The image of the island is used by the poet to symbolize the separation of the real world and the freedom that it creates for the fairies.

On the other hand the poet has used refrain in The Stolen Child. There is refrain at the end of each stanza which provides a musical tinge to the poem. A refrain is a repeated line or a number of lines in a poem or song, usually at the end of each verse.

There is also a contrast in the refrain in this poem.

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The militia was led by U.S. Army Col. John Chivington, a Methodist preacher, as well as a freemason. Comments & analysis: Children, I come back today / To tell you a story of the long dark way I am the child they stole from the sand. three hundred years ago in Africa's land.

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