Accountmate project

The core features have met most of our needs. For all additional needs our partner has been able to easily help us customize. I access Bluestreak from my ipad, from shows, from the road, from my cottage—wherever I am, I have full control of the shop, hour by hour.

Accountmate project

AccountMate simplifies the payment process by supporting credit card payments and check issuance directly after an AP invoice is recorded.

It can manage payments to various types of vendors and prints the applicable MISC forms.

Accountmate project

The Sales Order, Return Merchandise Authorization, Pricing Control, Upsell Management, Customer Inventory Manager and Inventory Specification modules can be integrated with Accounts Receivable to create a complete order entry, customer returns, billing and receivables system, providing better customer and inventory management.

With the Bank Reconciliation module you can record miscellaneous disbursements, receipts and bank transfers Accountmate project recorded in other AccountMate modules, indicate which transactions have cleared your banks and then reconcile their book entries to the bank statements. You can also set up bank accounts and define the currency in which transactions will be shown for each one.

Business Analysis test Gain real-time insight and discover trends into your business performance by using AccountMate Business Analysis. Anyone who uses spreadsheets has simple, yet powerful capabilities to gather and analyze business information.

You can easily build or create custom reports, which allow you Accountmate project accelerate decision-making with in-depth financial reporting. AccountMate Business Analysis also gives you the ability to create a single Microsoft Excel template for multiple report generations.

Pre-built drag and drop Excel functions, reports and business intelligence provide commonly-accessed configurations to help you save time, money and start delivering results immediately.

Benefits include faster reporting cycles, higher quality information, sophisticated data analysis capabilities, information on customer buying or paying behavior and improved executive productivity.

Data can be presented through reports, charts, graphs and dashboards. It also supports consolidation for companies with different reporting currencies, making it ideal for multi-national organizations with foreign operations.

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Creating a consolidated ledger is done easily by merely indicating which company is the parent will generate consolidated reports and which companies are the subsidiaries. These custom fields can be character, date, integer, logical or numeric in nature. Character type custom fields can be assigned a default value and have a lookup that can be used to facilitate data searches.

The ability to add custom fields to both standard AccountMate records and non-AccountMate tables makes it possible to add new fields your company needs without purchasing a source code license. Many customers will only use their own inventory part numbers, descriptions and units-of-measurement when placing orders and when receiving and being billed for products and services.

Accountmate project

It also allows you to set customer contract prices. It can schedule the next appropriate interaction, enabling exceptional account management and customer service.

At a glance, you can view all past interactions with each contact providing the ability to track activities, issues and interactions with all your clients.

It can even manage your meetings, phone calls and emails. Contact information is easily searchable and manageable so you can access required records quickly in order to generate reports and perform mail merges.

It works with programs like Microsoft Office so data can be merged and utilized in other programs to create custom mailings, mass e-mails, reports and other business documents. It can also be used for sales force and business process automation.

Whether setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports, or creating journal entries and budgets, AccountMate General Ledger keeps you in control of your financial data.

General Ledger also comes standard with fund accounting capabilities.

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You can enter safety stock, lead time, reorder level and reorder quantity information. Inventory counts can be performed at any time and as often as needed without interrupting shipping and receiving processes.Sep 04,  · 1.

Introduction. Thirty years ago, most financial accounting was done manually, leading to a great deal of paperwork. Currently, most accounting information is recorded via computers and wide area networks (Journal of Accountancy, a). Aug 31,  · AccountMate is a solid entry in small to midsize business (SMB) financials, inventory management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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Though it's missing some sophisticated features that other. Accountability is critical for project success. The Merriam-Websters dictionary definition of accountability is the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.” Now think about accountability in a project management context and how important is accountability to .

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