A study of heterogamus marriages

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A study of heterogamus marriages

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A study was used to investigate if religiously homogamous couples are more likely to have higher marital satisfaction than heterogamous couples. An indirect relationship was found between homogamous marriages and marital satisfaction, with the intervening variables frequency of worship and time spent together, being significant predictors of marital satisfaction.

A study of heterogamus marriages

Homogamous marriages had greater frequency of worship compared to heterogamous marriages. Frequency of worship was associated with increased time spent together, which in turn was correlated with increased marital satisfaction. Implications of these findings are discussed.

One area where religion has important influence is marriage. Historically people have tended to marry within their own religious group, or homogamously. There are several variables that are important with regard to the relationship between marital type and levels of marital satisfaction.

It takes place when sexually reproducing organisms tend to mate with individuals that are like themselves in some respect positive assortative mating or dissimilar negative All the marriages entered into in these countries between and in three-year periods are analyzed and the temporal and spatial variation of An International Journal;Dec94, Vol.

This first report of the Swedish part of the study reports on a Swedish In addition, this study examined the impact of imbalanced resources on power strategy use and marital satisfaction Wallin, Paul; Clark, Alexander L. The major finding was that religiosity reduced the impact of women's lack of What does marriage homogamy mean in the Czech milieu?

The aim is to find an answer to the question whether homogamy or heterogamy has any practical meaning for people who live either in marriage Boundaries and Silences in a Post-Feminist Sociology.

The author investigates how post-feminism has influenced both her perspective and the previous sociological work on family and religion that she had encountered. She do not render a complete account of that internal dialogue, nor she have final Sederer in the February 22, issue.

The challenges of life.For a final example, a study focused on the marriages of fundamentalist Christians might find that in these marriages, marital commitment is phrased as a religious sacrament. a group of people who are related by marriage, blood, or adoption and who often live together and share economic resources nuclear family consists of one or both parents and their children and is the most recognizable family form to people in the United States.

Marriages and Families: Diversity and Change, 7th edition, challenges students to examine their personal belief systems and societal views. Using an engaging narrative and sociological approach, the text integrates race, class, and gender into the discussion of family experiences.

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A study of heterogamus marriages

This study is designed to advance research on religion, marriage, and divorce by turning its attention to religion as an antecedent of remarriage. Only one previously published study has examined religion and remarriage (Brown and Porter ).

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